Gul Panag's Story Of Embracing Motherhood At 39

  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 December 2022
Gul Panag's Story Of Embracing Motherhood At 39

In 2016, Actor/Model/Politician Gul Panag added another feather in her cap by announcing the news of becoming licensed Pilot. When it comes to breaking stereotypes and doing things her own way, no one does it better than her.

Gul has never followed the usual route and has experimented in every area of her life. Be it doing films like Dor, Manorama 6 Feet Under or Turning 30, or choosing to embrace motherhood at 39 like a boss, she is a woman who has never stopped inspiring others to follow their own heart. 

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Yes, Gul Panag is also a mother of six-month-old Baby Nihal. Gul, who chose to keep her pregnancy a secret gave birth to Nihal six months ago and since then, she has been trying to get back to her normal fitter self by extensive work-out routines. 

Gul Panag's Story Of Embracing Motherhood At 39

“I’ve always lived life on my own terms, and hopefully will always continue to do that. Rishi and I definitely wanted a baby and Nihal is a delightfully welcome addition to our family. Motherhood is a massive experience with an ever-expanding array of emotions and experiences, and it’s not something that can be defined flippantly in a moment, and I feel you grow as a parent, just as your child grows into an adult.”

Gul Panag's Story Of Embracing Motherhood At 39

Gul kept everything away from her social media accounts, where she has always been active. Talking about her choice of why all of it was kept away from public attention, Gul spoke to Mumbai Mirror and said,

“Rishi (her husband) and I have always valued our privacy. Becoming parents is a special experience and we decided that we’d like to go through it without the distraction of public attention. Family and close friends knew about Nihal but we refrained from posting anything on the social media. He is almost six months old and it has been a roller coaster ride! I’m charmed by his gurgles and giggles even if it is a bit of a struggle with erratic sleep and feeding schedules. Life and goals are taking shape parallelly, with a little more coordination between Rishi and me to include Nihal.”

Gul Panag's Story Of Embracing Motherhood At 39

If you are following Gul on Instagram, you would know how her fitness regime for herself is stricter than ever. Her Insta stories are all about inspiring people to eat healthy and clean. Talking about shedding her post-pregnancy weight, she said,

Gul Panag's Story Of Embracing Motherhood At 39

“Nihal was born prematurely so I didn’t put on too much weight. Even through the pregnancy, I took care to eat healthily and have always been very active, so it was easy to get back to my workouts and shed the extra kilos."

“I think having a baby is a very significant step in life, and like marriage, you should think it through carefully before committing to it. Have children when you are ready to welcome them and can raise them happily and responsibly, not when society says you must.”

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