New Bentayga EWB with "Qatar Editions by Mulliner"

  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 December 2022
New Bentayga EWB with "Qatar Editions by Mulliner"

With the introduction of a special edition series "Qatar Editions by Mulliner," the new Bentayga Extended Wheelbase (EWB) is being introduced in Qatar. A suite of 17 exceptional cars has been produced in honor of the arrival of the Bentley flagship in Qatar. Bentley Mulliner excels at creating one-of-a-kind, custom pieces that are handcrafted and reflect the ultimate of Bentley luxury.

As the first Middle Eastern nation to introduce the Bentayga EWB, Qatar will celebrate by presenting a customized model designed by the Mulliner team specifically for Qatar. Each model in the collection has a distinctive specification to honor the nation.

Mulliner has added additional features to 75% of Bentleys sold in Qatar since the start of 2021 in response to the customers' admiration for the company's quality.

The apparently white cars actually reflect a fuchsia color when they catch the light because they have a vivid custom paint finish called Fuchsia Pearlescent that was inspired by the Qatari flag. The fuchsia pearl effect and a unique glass flake are combined in this time-consuming paint finish, which results in a deep shine. Along with the Fuchsia Pearlescent paint on the exterior to enhance the overall look with the "Qatar Edition" logo placed around the car, including the key fob, badge, and fascia overlay, the wheels have a three-tone design to match the Qatar flag theme. The pockets have bright machined faces and fuchsia accents.

Geometric quilts on the seatbacks, doors and backboards add accent to the cabin's Linen, Damson, and magenta colors. Additionally, the fascias, waist rails, and picnic tables all received custom geometric overlays that were modeled after arabesque mosaics.

The Bentley Lounge at The Pearl, a newly built luxury venue, will be the site of an exclusive event held by Bentley Motors and Bentley Qatar that will officially mark the market release of the Bentayga EWB and the introduction of the "Qatar Editions by Mulliner." Until the end of Ramadan in 2023, the temporary location will be open to visitors during the World Cup.

With features like Bentley Diamond Illumination, which releases light through holes in the soft feel door trim to brighten the inside, the Bentayga EWB is available. The NAIM for Bentley offers the best in-car sound system in the world, and the optional Airline Seat Specification increases the rear passenger experience to ensure optimum comfort there.

The exhibition will feature a Bentley Bentayga V8 painted in "Frosty Flakes," another one-of-a-kind Mulliner paint color, as well as a replica of the Bentayga Speed that is inspired by the Qatar edition. The 22-inch Mulliner Paragon wheel for the V8 will have Frosty Flakes pockets and a silver face with magenta accents.

A distinct motif will be present on the Bentayga S, which will also be on exhibition during the occasion. Mulliner has improved the exterior language of the Bentayga S specifically for this Edition with exteriors painted in Cambrian Grey, body color painted dazzling white, and two-tone black and Cambrian grey S wheels.

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