Learn About the Best Steel Factories in Qatar

  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 December 2022
Learn About the Best Steel Factories in Qatar

There are several factories and companies that manufacture iron in Qatar, which can be used in many uses such as rebar used in buildings, for example, in addition, there are those factories that manufacture iron blocks, such as the factory of Qatar Steel Company, which is famous for its steel industries.

Qatar Steel

Learn About the Best Steel Factories in Qatar

Qatar Steel Company has been established in the seventies of the last century; in 1974, and it is still operational until now. This company owns several branches in the field of iron and steel, such as the Dubai Steel Qatar Steel Forming Company and the steel Holding Company. In addition, there is a branch of Qatar Metal Coating Company, which is the third branch of the three branches of the company that we mentioned.

This company manufactures several major iron products. Including reduced iron, and hot-cast iron, which are manufactured in the smelting unit of steel using the so-called electric arc furnace. There is also the main section for the manufacture of iron blocks, which contributes to the production of reinforcing steel.

Finally, this company manufactures steel coils, which are raw materials in the manufacture of rods and wires used in precast concrete. This iron coil has other uses, such as making nails, shields, and barbed wire, which are placed like a fence around places where access or exit is prohibited.

Qatar Steel Industries Factory

Learn About the Best Steel Factories in Qatar

Qatar Steel Industries Factory was established in the eighties of the last century; In 1980, it occupies a distinguished position in the Qatar Iron and Steel Market. This factory manufactures various steel products such as GI corrugated roofing sheets, and wall panels. This is in addition to manufacturing flat strips, wall corners, and GI-link sheets. The factory is located in the city of Doha at 15 Abu eir, Gate No. 81.

Mega Iron and Steel Company

Learn About the Best Steel Factories in Qatar

This company manufactures steel for steel buildings, reinforcing tongs, and steel fittings. In addition to that, it manufactures steel plates and welded mesh. This company is located in the Industrial Area, Street 15, Doha City, Qatar.

Khalifa Steel Industries Company

Learn About the Best Steel Factories in Qatar

Founded in 2009, this company is considered a comprehensive institution for steel industries, as it holds an ISO 9001:2015 certificate. In addition, it is a leading company in the field of iron and steel market and trade and has a proven track record in iron industries. It manufactures coiled wire rods and mild steel rods.

This company supplies steel products and building materials to various population development projects in Qatar. The company is located in the Small Industries Area of the New Industries District in Doha, Qatar.


Learn About the Best Steel Factories in Qatar

SOSCO markets iron and steel products for the construction, oil and gas sectors, shipbuilding facilities, and more. This company is ISO 9001:2008 certified; It manufactures steel that meets American, British, Japanese, and European standards. In addition, it produces standard beams, steel columns, sections and angles, iron plates, bars, and nets.

SOSCO is located near the 15th Street Roundabout in the Qatar Compound in the Industrial District in Doha, Qatar.

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