Man Accused in Salman Khan Shooting Dies by Suicide in Jail

  • Publish date: Thursday، 02 May 2024
Man Accused in Salman Khan Shooting Dies by Suicide in Jail

Anuj Thapan, one of the suspects involved in the shooting incident outside actor Salman Khan's residence, died by suicide today while in police custody. Thapan, who was 32 years old, was arrested in Punjab on April 26. He took his own life in the lock-up's toilet at around 11 a.m., according to sources.

Details of the Incident

Thapan was housed with 10 other inmates and monitored by four to five police officers. He, along with another accused, Sonu Subhash Chander, was suspected of supplying the weapons used in the April 14 shooting outside Salman Khan's Mumbai home.

Ongoing Investigation

The motivation behind Thapan's decision to take his own life is still under investigation. Former senior Maharashtra police officer PK Jain mentioned that any death in custody is treated as a potential murder case. The CID (Criminal Investigation Department) will question all police personnel present at the station.

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