Oman-Born SUV Ready for Launch in 2024

  • Publish date: Sunday، 24 March 2024
Oman-Born SUV Ready for Launch in 2024

Oman's Mays has set the automotive world abuzz with its revolutionary electric SUV, the Alive 1. Priced at an estimated RO16,000 and set to hit the market by year's end, this innovative vehicle promises to redefine sustainable transportation in the region.

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Supported by Oman's Deputy Wali of Mutrah, Mays is spearheading the country's industrial advancement with its locally-produced electric car. The Alive 1, showcased in North Al Batinah and Muscat governorates, has already garnered overwhelming pre-orders, signaling a strong demand for eco-friendly vehicles in the region.

Oman-Born SUV Ready for Launch in 2024

Engineered to thrive in the diverse climate conditions of the GCC, the Alive 1 runs solely on electric charging, reflecting Mays' commitment to sustainability. By prioritizing locally sourced components and efficient manufacturing processes, Mays aims to expedite market entry while creating job opportunities in maintenance and spare parts sectors.

With global initiatives to phase out fossil fuel-powered vehicles, Mays' 'Made in Oman' initiative positions the country as a leader in the electric vehicle revolution.

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