The History of Oman is Revealed in the New Book 'Oman Zaman'

  • Publish date: Monday، 06 November 2023
The History of Oman is Revealed in the New Book 'Oman Zaman'

The Ministry of Heritage and Tourism has launched a book titled "Oman Zaman: Traces of the Past", which is written by Margaret Kapenga Shurdom. 

'Oman Zaman' highlights various aspects of ancient life in the Sultanate. 

Shurdom lived in Oman until the age of ten where her parents worked with the Arabian Mission of the Reformed Church of America in Oman.

She returned to the Sultanate and worked on a research project for UNICEF and the Ford Foundation. 

These experiences of Oman helped Shurdom write 'Oman Zaman'.

The book launch was held at the National Museum and featured a photo exhibition on the sidelines of the event, which showcased paintings by artist Evelyn Underwood, the author’s grandmother, whose works were inspired by her visit to the Shurdom family in the first years of their stay in Oman in the 1950s.

'Oman Zaman: Traces of the Past' is published in English, which will make it accessible to an international audience. 

The book will be translated sometime in the future. The book features over 300 photos of paintings, manuscripts, letters, and the Shurdom family memos that describe the social life in Oman during their stay there. 

If you would like to know more about Oman's history, keep a look out for Margaret Kapenga Shurdom's 'Oman Zaman'!

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