People in Oman Protest in Solidarity With Palestine

  • Publish date: Friday، 20 October 2023
People in Oman Protest in Solidarity With Palestine

Citizens and expats in Oman came together at the Waterfront in Muscat on Thursday, evening Oct. 19 to protest the atrocities committed against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

A video on Instagram of the protest showed the gathering of a large crowd at the waterfront. People were waving the Palestinian flag and holding banners during the protest.

Viewers can hear various slogans being chanted during the protest in the video that emphasizes the support of the people in Oman for the victims in Gaza. 

Oman's UN Representative has already called for an end to the siege in Gaza so humanitarian aid can be delivered to the Palestinian people and medical teams can enter Gaza safely.

If you want to donate money for humanitarian aid for Gaza from Oman, check out the Oman Charity Organization's website. 

Image source: @_rray_ Instagram page

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