Interesting Facts about Television

  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 December 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 21 November 2023

Today is World Television Day, and it was declared by the United Nations general assembly in 1996 to recognize this major tool in informing, channelling, and affecting public opinion. Find out in this article fun and interesting facts about television. 

Interesting Facts about Television 

Below are some facts and information about television: 

  • 1884: The German inventor Paul Nipkow achieve static black and white television transmission using his famous “Electric Telescope”. 
  • 1900: Russian scientist Constantin Perskyi coined the word television. 
  • 1927: 21-year-old, Philo Taylor Fansworth invented the first modern electronic television system. 
  • 1928: the first television commercial sale. 
  • 1930: BBC transmission started. 
  • After the end of World War II: television started to become popular. 
  • 1948: Over 1 million Americans bought a television in their homes. 
  • 1962: First TV satellite was launched. 
  • 1970: First VCR was made by Sony. 
  • 1969: More than 600 million people watched moon landings live from their homes. 
  • 1996: HD television standards were ratified officially. 
  • 1981: 1125 lines of the resolution were used by the Japanese. 

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