English Comedian Russell Kane is Coming to Oman!

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 26 March 2024
English Comedian Russell Kane is Coming to Oman!

Laugh until you cry with the famous English comedian Russell Kane in Oman on Monday, Jun. 3, which is the perfect way to start your summer!

Kane's comedy show will take place at Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel, and the tickets for the show are already available on the official Platinumlist website

The comedy show is part of Kane's new comedy tour 'HyperActive', which will also include a comedy show in Dubai, which are the only two Middle Eastern stops on the tour. 

Who is Russell Kane?

English Comedian Russell Kane is Coming to Oman!

Image source: @russell_kane

Other than a comedian, Kane is an actor, presenter, and author. He has also been nominated for the Edinburgh Comedy Awards four times, winning the 'Best Comedy Show' Award in 2010 and the Melbourne Comedy Festival’s Barry Award in the same year.

Kane is also well-known for his chart-smashing BBC Radio 4 / BBC Sounds podcast 'Evil Genius', which soon became a flagship show and the best-performing show on the platform. 

The show was soon turned into a TV Show by BBC Studios because of its success. 

If you love Kane's hilarious humor, book your tickets for his comedy show in Oman!

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