Job Opportunities to be Provided for the Disabled in Oman

  • Publish date: Friday، 27 January 2023 Last update: Monday، 06 February 2023
Job Opportunities to be Provided for the Disabled in Oman

To promote "Together for Them," a project that seeks to give 100 disabled people in Oman work opportunities in various industries, MB Foundation and the Human Development Center for the Disabled (HDCD) have signed an MoU.

For disabled persons to obtain the skills they require, the foundation has in the past previously given a training facility. The foundation has also paid for 10 trainees' training expenses.

The MoU was signed on behalf of MBF by vice chairwoman Iman al Barwani and on behalf of HDCD by Awatef al Salman. “I am especially proud of this initiative because it is aligned with supporting people with disabilities in Oman, which is one of MB Foundation’s four main pillars," Iman said.

100 disabled persons will be given jobs in various local industries, such as oil and gas, energy, investment communications, and the banking and financial sectors.

Awatef said, “We are happy with this MoU and look forward to future steps towards reaching our goal. I believe disabled people have talents which will enable them to thrive in these jobs and be a great addition to their organizations.”

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