More Than 35,000 Employees in Oman Have Been Hired in 2022

  • Publish date: Monday، 09 January 2023
More Than 35,000 Employees in Oman Have Been Hired in 2022

The Ministry of Labour has fulfilled 100 percent of its targeted 35,000 job opportunities in the private and public sectors.

The Minister of Labour- Dr. Mahad Said Ba’owain explained that job seekers who joined the workforce for the first time exceeded the 20,000 mark. Furthermore, the number of employees who sought the Benefit of Job Security increased by 3,000 in 2022. In the governors' meeting, the Minister of Labour stated that the number of job seekers amounted to more than 85,000 in October in the Sultanate of Oman.

These statistics were shared in the governors' meeting on Sunday. The meeting convened to discuss the mechanism of employment in the public and private sectors. The governors also addressed issues related to investment in Oman’s governorates. In addition to these two issues, they also talked about ways to localise professions and about the difficulties facing the governorates.

The meeting involved the attendees delving into the employment programme. The discussion about the programme also covered the system of individual and institutional performance proficiency, mechanisms for implementing the training programmes, the initiatives presented by the Training Support Centre, the National System for Capacity Building and Talent Management, and the tasks of Oman Vision 2040 Implementation Follow-up Unit’s office.

In addition to the employment programme, each governor shared his visions for his governate's economy. Other than these topics, a job application Ma'ak (With You) was launched; the application has been developed to address the concerns of job seekers, the national workforce, and employers. Jobseekers will be able to use 11 electronic services on the application. 

The Head of the Digital Transformation Team at the Ministry of Labour-Fahd Khalfan Al Batashi said that the “Ma’ak” app provides the second channel for the ministry’s electronic services. The current stage directs the services of individual beneficiaries from among jobseekers and the national workforce. In the next stage, the app will include the services rendered to employers (individuals and establishments), and Omani and non-Omani workforce.

Al Batashi explained that the most important target services for employers included services like submitting requests for work licenses, registering and canceling reports on vacating jobs, registering requests for obtaining work contracts, registering applications for new projects, and much more. For jobseekers, the application grants access to search options for vacant jobs, based on educational level, gender, and geographical details. 

The meeting's purpose was to allow the attendees to share views with officials and engage in meaningful decision-making. These decisions will allow them to respond to the decentralization policy, given its significance in advancing the national economy. Through this meeting, the governors also aimed to upgrade their vision concerning their governates' economies.

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