Muscat Temporarily Closes the Hawiyat Najm Park

  • Publish date: Thursday، 07 December 2023
Muscat Temporarily Closes the Hawiyat Najm Park

The Muscat Municipality has temporarily shut down the Hawiyat Najm Park in the Wilayat of Qurayyat for one week from Dec. 7 to Dec. 14.

The municipality explained that the temporary closure was carried out because of some technical work, which will ensure a safer and better experience for visitors once the park reopens. 

The Hawiyat Najm Park

The park is located between Bimmah and Dibab and it is an ideal location for swimming.

The Hawiyat Najm Park is also ideal for long walks when visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the region. 

The park was created around the Bimmah sinkhole to protect the serene attraction and to provide visitors with an area to relax.

The Bimmah sinkhole is the perfect place for visitors to escape the heat and the scorching sun. 

The History Behind the Bimmah Sinkhole

Local folklore states that the Hawiyat Najm (The Fallen Star) or the Bimmah Sinkhole was created by a meteor crashing into the area, which formed the deep crater. 

If you have plans to visit Hawiya Najm this weekend, you will have to postpone them for a week or find an alternative location to enjoy Oman's beautiful weather!

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