The Regulations on Selling Herbal Medicines in Oman

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 06 December 2023
The Regulations on Selling Herbal Medicines in Oman

A store selling herbal products with medical claims and benefits was recently seized in Al Dhahirah Governate.

An administrative fine was issued, the seized products were confiscated, and the store violation was registered.  

Here are the regulations that provide instructions for selling herbal medicine.

Oman's Law on Selling Herbal Medicines

Resolution 254/2015 dictates that it is legally forbidden to trade or advertise handmade or manufactured herbal medicine in any form without obtaining approval from the Ministry of Health in Oman.

The law also prohibits the sales and advertisements of medical devices without the approval of the Ministry of Health. 

According to the Consumer Protection Law,  the violators of these regulations will have to pay a fine of OR 200.

The fine is doubled if the individual repeats the violation.

If the individual continues to sell these herbal medicines or medical devices without approval, the person will have to pay an administrative fine of OR50.

This fine will be continuously implemented if the person continues violating these regulations, given that the total fine does not exceed OR 2000.

Citizens and expatriates in Oman should be aware of these regulations if they are involved in trading medical products. 

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