Oman Unearths a Rare Iron Age Cemetery in Al Sulaili

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 05 December 2023
Oman Unearths a Rare Iron Age Cemetery in Al Sulaili

Oman's Ministry of Heritage and Tourism collaborated with Germany's Heidelberg University and discovered a rare cemetery at Al Sulaili in Mudhaibi, North Sharqiyah.

The cemetery covers an area of 25 square kilometers and includes 45 graves. 

A Settlement Dating Back to the Iron Age

Al Sulaili is a settlement dating back to the Iron Age, therefore the cemetery is also dated back to that historical period.

Copper miners are believed to have inhabited Al Sulaili.

The ancient mine is located 700 meters east of the site, which emphasizes that Al Sulaili is connected to the Iron Age. 

Al Sulaili was predominantly used for copper extraction and mining, which operated until the early Islamic Age. 

The site's stone structures and tombs are well-preserved, despite originating 3,000 years ago.

The graves in the cemetery vary in construction and size depending on the marital status of the deceased, as indicated by the length of the grave and other artefacts. 

Discovery of Other Artefacts at Al Sulaili

The excavators also found pottery items and stone-grinding tools at Al Sulaili. 

The pottery items date back to the Early Islamic Age. 

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