Mwasalat Opens a New Bus Stop at Middle East College

Mwasalat and Madayn collaborate to enhance commuting experience with new bus stop at Middle East College.

  • Publish date: Monday، 20 November 2023
Mwasalat Opens a New Bus Stop at Middle East College

In a collaboration to improve accessibility for commuters in Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM), Mwasalat and Madayn have constructed a new bus stop station at Middle East College. The initiative is part of an agreement signed in June, focusing on enhancing mobility and ensuring safe transportation for individuals traveling to and from KOM.

Facilitating Commuting with Bus Route

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The partnership aims to ease transportation by introducing a dedicated bus stop for bus route 6, catering to the needs of those navigating within the Knowledge Oasis Muscat area. The move aligns with the commitment to providing efficient and accessible public transportation options.

Comprehensive Development Projects

Mwasalat Opens a New Bus Stop at Middle East College

Beyond the bus stop, the collaboration encompasses Madayn's broader initiatives, including the completion of the Ring Road project and the transformation of Knowledge Oasis Muscat. The extensive plan includes the construction of a 7.7 km road, an 8 km pedestrian walkway, a 6 km cycling route, a 5 km sewage network, and a 6 km rainwater drainage channel. These developments aim to enhance overall infrastructure and urban facilities.

About Madayn

Established in 1993 by Royal Decree No. 4/93, Madayn is a government-owned entity entrusted with the planning, organization, and management of industrial estates across Oman. The organization plays an important role in driving economic growth and industrial development in the country.

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