Several Parts of Oman Lashed with Scattered Rain

Oman Meteorology has forecasted more rain on Thursday.

  • Publish date: Thursday، 02 May 2024
Several Parts of Oman Lashed with Scattered Rain

Various parts of Oman were hit with light to moderate rain on Thursday, May 2. 

According to Oman Meteorology's weather forecast, clouds are expected to form and renew during the coming hours, which is expected to bring thundershowers along with downdraft and hail during the afternoon and evening over the Al Hajar Mountains and adjacent areas. 

Al Dhofar is also expected to experience these weather conditions. The forecast also predicts the formation of low clouds or fog patches over the Arabian Sea coastal areas. 

The Met Office has warned the public of dust rising in deserts and open areas, therefore the public should avoid visiting these areas during this weather. 

The Met Office has also forecasted the rising of sea waves on the coasts of Musandam, the coasts of the Sea of Oman, and the coasts of the Arabian Sea. The sea waves are forecasted to reach up to two to three meters, therefore the public is directed to avoid coastal areas. 

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