Pro-Palestinian Protestors Demonstrated Near the Met Gala

Various pro-Palestinian protestors stormed the streets outside of the Met Gala.

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 07 May 2024
Pro-Palestinian Protestors Demonstrated Near the Met Gala

Pro-Palestinian protestors gathered near the Met Gala 2024 venue on Monday against the ongoing war in Gaza, which led to several arrests. 

The number of arrests during the event is unknown and various videos are circulating on X showing police officials arresting people from the protests. 

The protests were called 'Day of Rage' protests and had various rallying points including Columbia University, however, the protests were not connected to the student protests happening at the university for the past few weeks.  

The protests took place at Central Park and along Fifth Avenue. The protestors moved past the barricades during the Met Gala to continue their protests. 

 Image source: @theemdphd Instagram source

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