Shura Council Approves Organ Transplant Law

This law aims to regulate transplants and safeguard donor and recipient rights.

  • Publish date: Monday، 24 June 2024
Shura Council Approves Organ Transplant Law

On Sunday, the Shura Council approved the Organ and Tissue Transplantation Law, a significant step towards regulating organ and tissue transplants in Oman.

This law was referred by the government for detailed review under Article 49 of the Council of Oman Law. Mansoor bin Zahir Al-Hajri, Chairman and Rapporteur of the Health and Social Committee, presented the committee’s comprehensive findings on the proposed law.

The Organ and Tissue Transplantation Law focuses on preventing organ trafficking and ensuring the protection of both donors and recipients. During their review, the committee engaged with various governmental and non-governmental organizations to gather a wide range of perspectives. This process led to several proposed amendments and additions to the 36-article law.

The Shura Council conducted thorough debates on these recommendations to refine the legislation, ensuring it aligns with national objectives and addresses key concerns in organ transplantation.

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