The Iconic 'Home Alone' House Goes on Sale!

The house's interior has been revamped completely!

  • Publish date: Monday، 27 May 2024
The Iconic 'Home Alone' House Goes on Sale!

Remember the epic Christmas and childhood movie 'Home Alone'? Well, the iconic house that features in the 1990 film recently went on sale!

The house hit the market for the first time in 12 years and it is now selling for $5.25 million. 

'Home Alone' is a 1990 comedy movie about an eight-year-old boy Kevin McCallister who is left home by his family during the Christmas holidays and has to defend himself and his home against two burglars named Harry and Marv. 

The house is 9,126-sq. ft. and was first built in 1921 in the suburb of Winnetka, Illinois. 

The Coldwell Banker Realty's Dawn McKenna Group is offering the house for sale. 

The property is listed on real estate sites including Zillow. 

The house of your beloved movie character Kevin McCallister has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. Although, the exterior of the house looks the same as it did in the famous comedy film, the interior has been completely revamped!

The interior is now completely white and furnished with grey, white, blue, and brown furniture, which contrasts with the colorful interiors that are shown in the film. 

The Iconic 'Home Alone' House Goes on Sale!

Also, the scary basement where Kevin is too scared to do his laundry now contains a basketball court, while the attic where the little boy is banished to has been transformed into a lofty bedroom!

Check out the full transformation here!

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