Syrian Ensemble 'Malawiyyin' Performs at Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House Muscat Hosts Stellar Performance by Syrian Ensemble 'Malawiyyin' in Ramadan Concert Series

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 27 March 2024
Syrian Ensemble 'Malawiyyin' Performs at Royal Opera House

The Royal Opera House Muscat (ROHM) continues its Ramadan concert series with an enchanting performance by the celebrated Syrian ensemble 'Malawiyyin' and Levantine Religious Chants Group, accompanied by Khalid Al Araimi, a highly esteemed Omani chanter.

Promoting Devotion and Respect

The Ramadan concert series, initiated on March 18 and concluding on April 1, aims to provide evenings filled with sacred music and prayer, fostering an atmosphere of devotion and reverence among attendees.

Mesmerizing Performance Draws Audience

Over 300 attendees were captivated by last night's concert, experiencing firsthand the exceptional talent of 'Malawiyyin' and Levantine Religious Chants Group. Formed in 2014 by the Damascus Quartet, the ensemble comprises leading musicians who have honed their skills through diverse experiences and backgrounds.

Cultural Collaboration and Pride

The performance highlighted cultural collaboration between Oman and Syria, featuring Khalid Al Araimi, Oman's esteemed chant performer. Hailing from Sur, Al Araimi has dedicated himself to mastering the art of chanting, serving as an inspiration for aspiring chanters across the region.

Anticipation for Final Concert

The final concert in the Ramadan series will showcase renowned Egyptian artist Ali El Helbawy alongside Sami Alsubhi from Oman, promising another unforgettable evening of musical excellence. Scheduled for Monday, April 1, the concert will commence at 9:30 pm at the Royal Opera House of Musical Arts.

Ticket Information

For those interested in attending the concert, tickets can be purchased from the box office, ROHM website, or app. Don't miss this opportunity to witness exceptional performances in a truly magnificent setting.

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