The Story of Scheherazade is Coming to Oman This May!

Witness the magic of the 1001 Nights live at the Royal Opera House!

  • Publish date: Friday، 26 April 2024
The Story of Scheherazade is Coming to Oman This May!

Witness the most famous story in Arab history, the story of Scheherazade from 1001 Nights,  come to life at the Royal Opera House of Muscat on May 23 and May 24. 

The tickets for the show are now available at the venue's official website

The show will detail the story of Scheherazade who becomes the wife of a murderous King who has executed all his previous wives. 

Scheherazade narrates stories to the King and stops at a cliffhanger to leave the King curious for more and to avoid execution. 

Scheherazade's magical stories will come to life on the stage of the House of Musical Arts. 

Cairo Opera's Modern Dance Company will fuse traditional and modern choreography to present their unique take on the ancient story.

The music for the show is based on Rimsky Korsakov’s original compositions to bring out the magic in Scheherazade's stories.

Egyptian director Walid Aouni is directing the show to bring to life this masterpiece!

If you love the 1001 Nights and want to watch it live, book your tickets soon for Scheherazade - A Spectacular Show!

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