The Ministry of Labour Releases a New Set of E-Services

  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 December 2022
The Ministry of Labour Releases a New Set of E-Services

The Ministry of Labour restated its intention to soon roll out a comprehensive computerized system for all the services it offers.

As part of its plan for the digital transformation of services, the Ministry of Labour has introduced a number of new electronic and digital services to help achieve excellence in performance, quick completion, and transactional simplification.

The new package includes four electronic services: joint committee registration, new regulation & certifications service, work regulation in private firms, and joint committee election booking for those registered.

This package, which is one of many electronic services, is the second of its kind and is part of the ministry's strategy to deliver all electronic services without paper and rely on digital solutions instead. The recently established regulation and certificates service aims to issue regulations, penalties, statistical certificates, and "To Whom It May Concern" certificates for workers in the private sector who are employed by firms subject to the provisions of Labour Law No. 14 of 2004 and its enforced ministerial decisions.

Additionally, the new service will electronically verify the rules and certifications based on a few parameters that are compliant with labour law and ministerial decisions. In a similar manner, registration will be made available by an electronic link or Hukoomi, a national document service, and will then be sent to the department once the service request is received.

Within minutes, costs will be levied to finish the payment processes and print the rules and certificates.

The Labour Ministry states that certain requirements must be met by businesses who want to change the punishment rules, and how they arrange their work or add features without violating labour law laws.

In the forthcoming term, the Ministry of Labour's Digital Transformation Management Unit will upgrade, modernize, and introduce about 80 services and electronic transactions, negating the need for visitors to physically visit the Ministry's offices or submit paperwork.

This unit would be able to introduce new services and upgrades every month because it would be the first organization in Qatar to employ an agile engineering approach. In comparison to the average cycle of six to eight weeks, this would be a significant difference.

The Ministry of Labour reaffirmed its commitment to launching a thorough computerized system for all the services it provides in the near future, particularly for businesses that are adhering to the law. In order to guarantee the quality of services, the Ministry of Labour indicated that it is working in coordination with the many relevant agencies on establishing electronic services available to the general public.

Presently, the electronic website of the Ministry of Labour offers about 50 electronic services and transactions: https://www.mol.gov.qa (QNA)

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