Seven Firms in Oman Reported for Not Paying Wages

These firms have violated Article 51 of the Labour Law.

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 02 May 2023
Seven Firms in Oman Reported for Not Paying Wages

The Ministry of Labour has reported seven firms in Oman to the Public Prosecution Office for violating Article 51 of the Labour Law, which obligates firms to pay wages on a legally specified date. 

Article 51 of the Labour Law dictates that firms should pay their employees on a working day and monthly paid employees should be paid once every month. Employees who are paid weekly or fortnightly should be paid once every week or fortnight. 

An employer must not delay the payment of wages for more than seven days from the due date of payment. The Ministry of Labour has warned employers that do not transfer their employees' wages through the Wage Protection System (WPS).

The company will not be cleared of the employees' salaries until they are deposited into the employees' accounts.

Employers who defer payments and violate Article 51 will be punished under Article 116 of the same law. These employers will be fined RO 100 and this amount will be multiplied by the number of employees who have not received their salaries. 

Companies that continue to defer the payments of their employees might face suspension for their dealing with the Ministry of Labour. These companies will not be able to complete permit requests or they will lose memberships and access to other services.