These GCC Nations Rank Top 8 for Lowest Global Petrol Prices

  • Publish date: Friday، 05 April 2024
These GCC Nations Rank Top 8 for Lowest Global Petrol Prices

New data released up to March 2024 reveals a surprising revelation: three Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have secured positions among the top eight nations worldwide with the most affordable petrol prices!

GCC Countries' Petrol Prices

Kuwait leads the charge, claiming the third spot globally with petrol priced at a mere $0.28 per liter. Following closely behind is Bahrain, ranking fifth globally with petrol priced at $0.37 per liter. Qatar rounds off the trio, securing the eighth position globally with petrol prices standing at $0.53 per liter.

Economic Strategy and Sustainability

Amidst global concerns over rising fuel costs, these GCC nations have demonstrated skillfulness in maintaining economical petrol prices. Their success can be attributed to strategic policies and a diversified economy, enabling them to uphold affordable petrol rates.

Moreover, their emphasis on renewable energy and environmentally friendly practices underscores a commitment not only to economic stability but also environmental sustainability.

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