Oman to Develop a Multi-Purpose Port in Masirah

  • Publish date: Thursday، 13 July 2023 Last update: Thursday، 12 October 2023
Oman to Develop a Multi-Purpose Port in Masirah

Oman plans to construct a multi-purpose port in the wilayat of Masirah to align with its goals for the Oman Vision 2040. 

Acting Director General of Fishing Ports at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources Saif bin Abdullah Al-Amiri shared that the tender for the construction of the port was floated on Jun. 26 to cater to the demands of the fisheries, transport, and tourism sectors. 

The total area for the project is 1,800,000 square kilometers, which will include both land and marine areas.

The port will have floating anchors for breakwaters and its length will be increased to 4,172 meters.

The new port will have a fixed dock, a fixed berth for the Coast Guard, a fixed berth for marine transport, a slide of ferries, a terminal for passengers, and four berths for tourist yachts. 

Masirah Island is a popular leisure attraction for locals, residents, and tourists and receives many visitors throughout the year, therefore the port will boost tourism for this island. 

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