Coa-Cola Signs $1.1B Deal to Use Microsoft Cloud Services

The new deal will allow the beverage company to use cloud computing and AI services.

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 30 April 2024
Coa-Cola Signs $1.1B Deal to Use Microsoft Cloud Services

Coca-Cola signed a $1.1 billion five-year deal with Microsoft to use its cloud-computing and artificial intelligence services. 

Under the agreement, both parties will jointly experiment with Azure OpenAI, which uses technology from Microsoft-backed startup and ChatGPT creator OpenAI to allow customers to build chatbots and create other AI services. 

These chatbots and services run in Microsoft's Azure cloud computing service. 

Coca-Cola had signed another deal with Microsoft in 2020 worth $250 million. It was a five-year deal that would allow the company to use Microsoft's cloud and business software. 

The new deal will allow Coca-Cola to test Microsoft's Copilot offerings to test how they improve productivity for the beverage maker. 

Copilot an AI assistant helps summarize lengthy emails and build slide decks for presentations among other functions. 

Coca-Cola will also use Dynamics 365 as part of the deal, which competes against Salesforce. 

Microsoft did not specify the financial breakdown of the deal in terms of the amount attributed to AI services versus traditional cloud software.

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