Muscat Expressway to Have 12 Lanes

  • Publish date: Thursday، 21 March 2024
Muscat Expressway to Have 12 Lanes

The Muscat Expressway is set to have 12 lanes as part of an expansion project, making it Oman's widest road. 

The Muscat Expressway expansion project's tender floated on Wednesday, Mar. 20 and the project will include the addition of three lanes in each direction, widening the road to twelve lanes. 

The project also includes improving the efficiency of several multi-level intersections, augmenting acceleration and deceleration lanes linked to the expressway, expanding existing bridges, and integrating important drainage channels and slop protections. 

The project will enhance one of Muscat's main roads to allow smoother traffic flow and avoid congestion. 

Expansion of the Muscat Expressway will also improve the connectivity to various parts of Muscat to align with the urban and economic development of Muscat. 

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