Four Lanes to be Opened on Rusail-Bidbid Road

  • Publish date: Friday، 01 March 2024
Four Lanes to be Opened on Rusail-Bidbid Road

Four lanes will be opened for traffic on the Rusail-Bidbid road, leading to Nizwa, which will improve traffic flow on this road and reduce traffic congestion. 

The announcement was made by the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology.

The Ministry said in a statement, "The ministry, in cooperation with ROP Traffic, will open four lanes for those heading from Muscat to Nizwa on ⁧‫Al Rusail-Bidbid road‬⁩, and motorists must pay attention."

The General Directorate for Traffic also added to the announcement, "Road users must pay attention, follow warning instructions and ensure safe driving.”

The four lanes have been opened to improve traffic flow, so motorists are strictly advised to avoid reckless driving and adhere to traffic regulations. 

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