Oman's Otaxi Reveals Upgraded Version for Users

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 20 March 2024
Oman's Otaxi Reveals Upgraded Version for Users

Oman's popular taxi-hailing app Otaxi has revealed its upgraded version, which will make taxi-hailing much easier for commuters in Oman. 

Users will find that the app's operation speed is much faster, which increases the efficiency of the app. 

Otaxi has also integrated convenient interfaces for pre-orders and orders with multiple stops in its app, which caters to users' various demands. 

The upgraded Otaxi also has the feature of authorization by WhatsApp, which will make the verification process easier for users. 

Another benefit of the upgraded feature is that includes real-time tracking of nearby taxi drivers, therefore users can book the closest driver to their location. 

Otaxi's driver assignment algorithm has also been improved for the taxi driver to respond to the user's request promptly.

Users can also now communicate with taxi drivers through chat, which is an easier means of communication. 

The updated version of Otaxi is available for both iOS and Android users, so download the latest Otaxi version soon!

Image source: Otaxi website

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