Muscat Metro Routes Finalized

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 20 June 2023 Last update: Friday، 13 October 2023
Muscat Metro Routes Finalized

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning's "Greater Muscat Masterplan" entails creating a transport and communication network that is both interconnected and multimodal.

The development of the Muscat Metro is part of the masterplan, according to Executive Director of the Urban Strategy at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning, Ibrahim Hamoud Al Waeli.

He emphasised that the project's routes were chosen based on a number of primary goals, including reducing the amount of compensations to be provided, facilitating access, and placing main stations in key locations around Muscat.

He stated that this is in addition to the course's extension outside of the metro, particularly through express buses and other forms of transportation to and from the metro.

The project investigated the feasibility of building a tunnel between the wilayats of Al Amerat and Bausher in order to improve the transport network in response to the social and economic necessity.

Al Waeli added that the various ministries, including Muscat Municipality and the Ministry of Finance, are looking into a different project known as the Bausher-Al Amerat tunnel.

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