What Would These Omani Landmarks Look Like in Zaha Hadid's Style?

  • Publish date: Friday، 01 September 2023
What Would These Omani Landmarks Look Like in Zaha Hadid's Style?

An Omani artist Hisham recently shared an artistic renovation of some famous landmarks in the Sultanate, influenced by the designs of famous Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid.

Hadid was a very famous architect and ordained by The Guardian as the 'Queen of Curves'.

Her architectural designs are very sleek and futuristic and Hisham's work projects that design on to some popular sights in Oman. 

Hisham has created these designs with Stable Diffusion, a text-to-image model, and shared his work on Instagram, where many users loved his artistic recreations of Omani landmarks. 

The first landmark is the Burj Al Sahwa roundabout and Hisham's recreation shows flyovers and metro lines integrated at the sight. 

Although Oman is famous for its traditional souqs such as the Muttrah Souq, Hisham has upgraded this souq to a more futuristic building, which includes curved elements in the architecture that Hadid is famous for. 

The upgraded souq building is surrounded by various skyscrapers in Hisham's renovation.

The third landmark is the Watch Tower in Old Muscat. In Hisham's recreation, the tower's circular top is completely removed, however, the hill that it stands on is replaced by dune-shaped architecture.

Recently opened, Oman's Across the Ages Museum gets a further upgrade in Hisham's art. The triangular structure is eventually downscaled as the architecture becomes more dune-shaped. 

Other places that Hisham has recreated are a stadium and the Al Ayjah lighthouse, each gets two makeovers, both beyond our imagination!

You can check out more of Hisham's work on his Instagram!

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