Oman Introduces Electric Scooters for Eco-Friendly Commutes

  • Publish date: Friday، 21 June 2024
Oman Introduces Electric Scooters for Eco-Friendly Commutes

Oman's Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology (MTCIT), in collaboration with Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM) and Madayn, has launched the Smart Mobility Service Using Electric Scooters. This innovative project, led by Omani company Salik, marks the first initiative under the Ministry’s Sandbox regulatory framework.

The trial aims to promote electric scooters as a sustainable and efficient travel mode. By offering an alternative to traditional transport, the Ministry seeks to ease traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions, and encourage eco-friendly commuting. This initiative aligns with Oman’s broader sustainability goals.

Running for six months at Knowledge Oasis Muscat, the trial invites users to experience and provide feedback on the service, crucial for assessing its viability. This project paves the way for smart mobility solutions, fostering innovation in Oman's transportation sector.

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