Palestinian Journalist Bisan Owda Wins a Peabody Award!

The journalist won the award with Aj+ for her news series about Gaza.

  • Publish date: Friday، 10 May 2024
Palestinian Journalist Bisan Owda Wins a Peabody Award!

Palestinian journalist Bisan Owda has won the Peabody Award for her work with AJ+ about the impact of the Israeli war on Palestinians in Gaza. 

Owda has been reporting the war in Gaza since its beginning in October 2023 and covering the daily hardships that Palestinians in Gaza face because of the war. 

Owda has dedicated the award to the university students who have been protesting against the war in Gaza, "to all the people who took to the streets. To all the people at home who are participating in boycotts. To all the people worldwide, regardless of their religion, color, and ethnicity."


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Peabody's board of jurors said in the press release announcing the winners, "Bisan Owda’s frequent video and livestream reports from the Gaza Strip vividly document the Palestinian civilian experience under Israeli siege."

The press release also read, "Reporting from her makeshift tent outside the medical center, she shows what survival looks like for her and the masses around her, drawing on her indomitable spirit to keep the world informed of the day-to-day reality on the ground in Gaza."

Bisan Owda won the Peabody Award for her news series with AJ+ called 'It's Bisan from Gaza and I'm Still Alive' in the news and public service category. 

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