When does fasting start and end?

  • Publish date: Thursday، 30 March 2023
When does fasting start and end?

Fasting during Ramadan involves abstaining from food, drink, and other physical needs, such as smoking, from dawn until sunset. The fast is broken at sunset with a meal called "iftar." This daily ritual is observed by millions of Muslims worldwide, and it is seen as a time of spiritual reflection, self-discipline, and increased devotion to Allah. 

The starting and ending dates of Ramadan, including the fasting period, are determined by the sighting of the new moon by local religious authorities. Therefore, the exact dates of Ramadan may vary slightly from year to year and from region to region.

In general, Ramadan fasting starts at dawn and ends at sunset. Muslims who observe Ramadan wake up early before dawn to eat a pre-dawn meal called "Suhoor" and then fast until sunset, when they break their fast with a meal called "Iftar."

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