Your Safety Guide to the Khareef Season 2023

  • Publish date: Friday، 21 July 2023 Last update: Friday، 13 October 2023
Your Safety Guide to the Khareef Season 2023

The Ministry of Health has released a guidebook with a variety of guidelines to help people have an enjoyable and safe experience in Dhofar Governorate during the Khareef season.

The Dhofar Municipality organized the events, which began at Salalah's Awqad Public Park and other sites to provide locals, tourists, and other participants the chance to fully feel the thrill and suspense up until August 31st.

Instructions on how to treat mosquito bites, reduce the chance of slipping, and administer first aid for sprains, fractures, drownings, burns, snakebites, and food poisoning are all included in the booklet.

Here are the tips for a safe Khareef season:

- For slippery conditions, wear appropriate footwear.

- Use sunscreen.

- If you have a chronic illness that calls for the usage of specific medical devices, don't forget to take your prescriptions and any necessary gadgets.

- Avoid consuming exposed food.

- When utilizing public restrooms and other venues, always practice sterility and hygiene.

-Be cautious in slippery areas, such as mountain peaks and spring-fed areas.

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