Sohar Will Have a Smart City Soon!

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 27 February 2024
Sohar Will Have a Smart City Soon!

Oman's Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning has announced its plans to develop the Sohar Smart City at the Sohar Investment Forum. 

The smart city will be located near Sohar Airport and only thirty minutes away from Sohar Port.

The Sohar Smart City will be located near all the important main roads and expressways. 

The Smart City infrastructure will be developed according to the 'five-minute-city' concept, which means that residents will be able to reach important facilities in the city within five minutes.

This development plan will make the Sohar Smart City very convenient for residents because they will be able to access all important services and amenities very easily. 

The smart city in Sohar will also adopt a grid design similar to Barcelona and the city will also have 1,000 gardens and various urban blocks. 

Sohar Will Have a Smart City Soon!

The Sohar Smart City is expected to house a population of 70, 162 and will include 15, 340 housing units.

The majority of the housing units will be apartments (66 percent). Other than apartments, there will be townhouses (24 percent) and villas (10 percent) as well.

The Sohar Smart City will also have 4,200 student accommodations, which will make travel to the university more convenient for college students.

Dates for the start of the project and its completion were not revealed at the forum, nonetheless, the plans revealed for the Sohar Smart City will help in the advancement of the city of Sohar. 

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