Muscat Municipality Has Issued Guidelines to Regulate Mobile Vendors

  • Publish date: Monday، 27 March 2023
Muscat Municipality Has Issued Guidelines to Regulate Mobile Vendors

Muscat Municipality has issued guidelines for mobile vendors to regulate their business activities and ensure the preservation of the urban facade of the city. 

The new guidelines that have been issued have reorganized the requirements for these mobile vendors to carry out their business activities, which will ensure that they align with a legal and healthy framework while adhering to the following conditions:

1. Only Omani citizens can run mobile vendors and it is prohibited to employ expatriates for these businesses throughout the Muscat Governate. 

2. People who want to start a mobile vendor business must apply for initial approval and they must commit to not starting the business until they have received the final approval from the municipality located in the respective wilayat. 

3. All licensed vendors must follow stipulated health requirements while running their businesses. 

The Municipality stated "licensed mobile vendors should rush to reconcile their conditions in accordance with the health controls and requirements stipulated in the ministerial decision No. 241/2016 issued by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion(MoCIIP), which relates to the issuance of the regulation of the organisation of mobile vendors, and to comply with the provisions of Muscat Municipality resolutions no. (185/2017) and administrative resolution no. (219/2019), within a period not exceeding one month from the date of issuing this announcement.”

The Municipality also shared that they are in the process of reallocating sites dedicated to mobile vendor businesses. 

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