Ramadan Dishes You Can Try in Qatar

  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 December 2022 Last update: Thursday، 23 March 2023
Ramadan Dishes You Can Try in Qatar

Ramadan is here, and everyone is preparing for a bit more 'regular' Ramadan than the previous two years. While everyone has their own ideas about how to get through the Holy Month, meal preparations are a big part of it. Because Qatar has such a diversified population, the country enjoys a vast variety of Ramadan meals that are popular throughout the month.

Here are six Ramadan dishes that everyone in Qatar can enjoy:

1- Sambousa/Samosa

Ramadan Dishes You Can Try in Qatar

Who can say NO to fried food for iftar? Sambousa, or Samosa as it is more commonly known, is clearly at the top of the list. The snack is a favorite in many Asian and Arab households, and it's the ideal food to eat for iftar or a post-Taraweeh break. These are triangular pastries that can be fried, baked, or filled with a variety of fillings. For example, spicy potatoes, minced meat, vegetables, or cheese. Some folks even sweeten them! During Ramadan, samosas are produced in almost every home. However, it is frequently available in most Indian and Arabic cafes because many small cafeterias and restaurants prepare it.

2- Harees/Haleem

Ramadan Dishes You Can Try in Qatar

Harees/Haleem, a common dish in many Arabian and Asian cultures, is an important part of Ramadan food preparations. A substantial porridge comprised of shredded beef, wheat, and lentils is served. Depending on personal preferences, the dish could be lightly seasoned with simple spices or heavily seasoned with a variety of rich, complete spices. The Haleem is a richer, spicier version of the Harees, which is gentler and less peppery. Both two dishes make wonderful iftar and suhoor meals that are high in energy.

3- Kebabs

Ramadan Dishes You Can Try in Qatar

For many Ramadan-observant families, Kebabs are an essential meal item. Many people rely on spicy meaty (mutton, chicken, or beef) patties for their daily protein intake as well as to boost their energy levels throughout the day. Kebabs are available in a variety of marinades and can be eaten on their own or with bread, chapati, or rice.

Shami kebabs, seekh kebabs, joojeh, burra, koftas, chapli, koobideh, and a variety of other kebab varieties are all popular. Any Levantine, Pakistani, Iranian, or Turkish restaurant will make you some delicious kebabs.

4- Luqaimat

Ramadan Dishes You Can Try in Qatar

The list would be incomplete If we did not mention dessert, and we are confident that Luqaimat is at the top of the list. These delectable, deep-fried dumplings are coated in date syrup or dipped in sugar syrup. You should keep an eye on yourself around these because they have the potential to become rather addictive. After a long day of fasting, a sweet snack like luqaimat is a nice treat.

5- Harira Soup

Ramadan Dishes You Can Try in Qatar

Harira is eaten all year, but it is especially popular during Ramadan because it is a great energy-giving dish to consume during Iftar and Suhoor. Harira soup is a flavorful broth with lentils, tomatoes, and meat broth as the main ingredients. The dish, as a whole, is a really hearty, comforting supper. Argan Restaurant, Tajeen Restaurant, The Mezze House, and Tipaza Grill Restaurant all provide Harira soup.

6- Thareed

Ramadan Dishes You Can Try in Qatar

Thareed, also known as Arab lasagna, is a classic dish that consists of pieces of bread cooked in a vegetable or meat broth. With the appropriate balance of healthful carbs, protein, and fiber in a wholesome stew, this makes for an ideal dinner. While nothing beats homemade Thareed, restaurants such as Muglat Harees Al Waldah, Hareesna, Darb Al Zalag, and Hot Shot Café are all good places to have an excellent bowl of Thareed.

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