Al-Riyadah Automotive Showcases Latest Chinese Luxury Hongqi Models

  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 December 2022
Al-Riyadah Automotive Showcases Latest Chinese Luxury Hongqi Models

The Qatari market has witnessed a significant expansion in the use of Chinese car brands in recent times, the last of which was FAW presented by Al Riyada Automotive Company (one of Al Mana Automotive companies), which offers the Chinese luxury brand Honshi, which attracted the attention of customers in Qatar and before the official opening of its showroom.

Hongqi H9 has a classic, luxurious, and elegant appearance, along with powerful engines, protection and safety systems, in addition to the specifications of the car's cabin, which is characterized by modern technological features,

Therefore, it is considered one of the cars targeted by young people as it operates in all weather conditions, in addition to that, it is characterized by high and unprecedented levels of luxury and elegance.


The exterior of the Hongqi H9 belongs to the shape of sedans, as the Hongqi H9, or the so-called luxury car came with a prominent front of a large chrome front grille bearing the design of vertical slats and in the middle is the distinctive logo of the Chinese Hongqi company in its silver and red color and extends up to the hood.

The front of the car also features a lower airstrip that provides the engine with cooling through the air entering through it, and front and rear LED lights were provided, with strong and solid wheels that fit all roads, as it came in a size of 20 inches, and the colors of the Hongqi H9 came in several shades such as brown, luxurious black and many more Other high-end colors.

The external appearance bears several features other than those mentioned, which include the following:

• Powerful windows

• Electric side mirrors

• 360-degree rear cameras

• Electric rear trunk

• Front and rear sensors

The H9 also features a rear-wheel drive system due to its heavy weight, which is 1,900 kg, which means that the H9 luxury and luxury design car came with different and relatively distinct dimensions and includes the following:

• The length of the car is 5.137 mm

• Width: 1.904 mm

• Height 1.493 mm

• The length of the wheelbase is 3,060 mm

The cabin is spacious and luxurious

The cabin of Hongqi H9 came with a luxurious and elegant appearance characterized by spaciousness, as it is available with two rows of high-quality leather seats and can accommodate 4 or 5 people. It is also linked to many innovative systems such as the automatic heating and cooling system, memory system, electrical adjustment system, and massage function in the front seats. In addition to the multi-zone air conditioning system in the cabin.

The cabin is also distinguished by presenting the best technologies and innovative technological systems that provide a lot of comfort and entertainment features for all passengers while moving in the car and in all conditions, such as the information display system on the glass to facilitate the process of driving for the driver, and the rear entertainment system with a panoramic sunroof that gives passengers a sense of confidence, And luxury, as it provided a 12.3-inch infotainment screen.

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