Over 100 Horses Take Part in Zad Al Rakeb Equestrian Forum

  • Publish date: Saturday، 04 May 2024
Over 100 Horses Take Part in Zad Al Rakeb Equestrian Forum

Experience the rich tradition of equestrian sports at the Zad Al Rakeb Equestrian Forum in the Wilayat of Ibra, Oman. With over 100 horses participating in traditional horse shows and equestrian events, this forum celebrates the country's heritage and showcases the skills of horse owners and breeders.

The event aims to preserve Oman's famous tradition and heritage by encouraging participation in traditional sports. Horse racing enthusiasts from various wilayats and governorates gather to support and promote these cultural activities.

Supervised by the Governor’s Office, the forum attracts tourists and horse racing fans from both within Oman and abroad. It serves as a platform to showcase Oman's cultural richness and promote tourism in the region.

Witness captivating displays of equestrian skills, including archery from horseback, peg-picking, and horse training demonstrations. The event also features performances by the Omani Arts Singing Troupe, adding to the cultural ambiance.

The forum offers a wide range of activities ranging from traditional ardha races to poetry evenings and technical workshops on horse breeding. Visitors can also explore the local market for horse supplies and enjoy horseback tours to scenic tourist spots.

Known for their expertise in horse breeding and training, the wilayats in the North Al Sharqiyah Governorate host regular events promoting traditional horse sports. The Zad Al Rakeb Equestrian Forum continues this proud tradition, celebrating Oman's deep-rooted equestrian culture.

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