All about Sultan Haitham City

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 07 June 2023
All about Sultan Haitham City

Sultan Haitham City is the fruitful outcome of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning's transformation approach. The city is a newly introduced development in the Wilayat of Seeb which aims to establish a groundbreaking model for sustainable city development. With the theme "Treasure the Future," this city is expected to enhance the lives of future generations and bring advantages to all societal groups. It will feature 12 global benchmarks for quality of life and well-being, ensuring a remarkable standard of living.

Size of the City

All about Sultan Haitham City
Sultan Haitham City is a visionary project covering around 15 million square meters. Emphasizing the importance of green spaces, the city will dedicate approximately 2.9 million square meters to landscapes.

Designed with sustainable urban planning principles, the city will accommodate 100,000 residents and offer 20,000 residential units of different styles. Covering an extensive area of 14.8 million square meters, the development aims to create a harmonious and environmentally conscious living environment.

What Does It Represent?

Sultan Haitham City, set to be built in the Wilayat of A'Seeb, symbolizes an innovative and technologically advanced "smart" city concept. It serves as a remarkable example of sustainable urban development, catering to the needs and aspirations of the youth in Oman. The city's model presented during the demonstration showcases a modern living environment that embraces the latest advancements and reflects the progressive vision for future cities in the Sultanate.

Sultan Haitham City: Key Features and Community Services

All about Sultan Haitham City

Sultan Haitham City will offer a wide range of facilities such as schools, hospitals, mosques, and more, showcasing a commitment to sustainable urban development and fulfilling Oman's Vision for 2040.

  • 25 mosques
  • 39 schools
  • 11 health facilities
  • Central Park
  • Boulevard
  • 19 integrated neighborhoods
  • Energy production from waste
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Sports facilities

Sultan Haitham City will include several key features such as a grand mosque along with 23 additional mosques. The city's healthcare infrastructure will consist of 11 health facilities, including two health centers catering to 20,000 patients and six health centers serving 10,000 patients.

Precise locations have been chosen for community facilities to ensure convenient access for residents, such as parking lots, playgrounds, and parks. The city's external areas are thoughtfully designed to harmonize with nature, featuring natural outdoor spaces and a balanced distribution of building heights and densities.

The city also implements measures for renewable energy utilization and water conservation to ensure environmental sustainability. The overall layout of the city is designed to foster interaction and communication among different segments of society, with shared spaces and neighborhood designs that promote unity.

Internal Transport Network

Sultan Haitham City will establish an internal transport network designed to provide convenient access to different facilities. This network will be accessible to both public and private transportation, ensuring ease of movement within the city. In addition, the city will include pedestrian passages and bicycle paths, promoting eco-friendly transportation options and aligning with the objective of sustainability.

Sultan Haitham City: Sustainable Living and Community Services

All about Sultan Haitham City

With a strong focus on sustainability, Sultan Haitham City is designed to enhance the quality of life by utilizing sustainable resources. The city will incorporate various measures, such as the utilization of solar energy, efficient wastewater treatment, recycling, and a sustainability system to preserve and protect valuable resources. These initiatives are aimed at creating an environmentally resource-efficient living environment within the city.

Sultan Haitham City is set to begin construction soon and is expected to be completed within three years. The city will offer diverse housing options to accommodate individuals from different income groups. Its inauguration at Bait al Baraka Palace showcased digital panels highlighting the city's sustainable housing choices and commitment to preserving cultural heritage. With 19 residential neighborhoods, each equipped with various facilities and services, Sultan Haitham City aims to meet the needs of its residents.

The Meaning Behind the Logo of Sultan Haitham City

The brand identity and message of the city reflect “a vision for building the most unique and dazzling city in the Sultanate of Oman. The visual logo of the city, which will be built at Wilayat of A’Seeb, is inspired by nature, along with golden touches “denoting luxury and power”.

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