Car Trading in Qatar

  • Publish date: Thursday، 22 December 2022
Car Trading in Qatar

Car trading in Qatar is very popular with the development of cars and the multiplicity of their types.

In the past, the car was a luxury, and its price was high, and only rich people can buy it, but with the increase in demand for it and the increase in car factories in the world, its price has decreased a lot, and many people can own a car, saving time and effort, especially in Qatar.

The reasons for the spread of the car trade in Qatar:

1. The high material income of Qatar's population, being an oil-producing country.

2. The urgent need for a car to perform necessities.

3. High temperatures in Qatar.

4. Not having enough time to move around in Qatar.

5. There are many companies in Qatar that provide the best types of cars and the possibility of installments.

6. Customs facilities for importing cars.

The most important car trading companies in Qatar:

Arabian Automobiles Company (Foton)

Car Trading in Qatar

The company offers many cars of various brands such as Toyota, Mercedes, and Opel.

Its address is in Doha, Qatar.

To contact them, please call them at +97466661063 or +97444440090.

Qatar Automotive Company (QAC)

Car Trading in Qatar

Its main address is in Qatar, Doha, and to contact them, please call them at number +9744422 7555.

It provides many services such as the sale and export of cars and providing auto parts.

Arabian Automobile Association

Car Trading in Qatar

The company specializes in providing car assistance services in Qatar and the Middle East, and it is located in Doha at number +97444165989.

Auto Mart Gulf Company

Car Trading in Qatar

The company offers several services, including renting sports cars and limousines, and there is a long-term and short-term reservation service, and its address is in Doha, Qatar, +974 44440888.

Ibn Ajayan Trading Group

Car Trading in Qatar

This company is an authorized and exclusive agent for the largest international companies in the field of cars, and to call them +97444440888, the address is Qatar Doha.

National Car Company

Car Trading in Qatar

The only exclusive distributor of Hyundai cars in Qatar, this is their contact number +97444357227 and the company's address is in Doha Qatar.

Behzad Trading Group

Car Trading in Qatar

A group of multi-divisional companies working in many fields such as Behzad Plastic Products, Behzad Car Care Centers, Behzad Commercial Enterprises, and is located in Doha to contact them this number is +97444433337.

Preferred types of cars to trade in Qatar:

Japanese cars: They are the most popular in Qatar because they are able to withstand high temperatures, especially during the summer.

Honda CRV: It is one of the most desirable cars in Qatar, as it has a large interior space that can accommodate up to four people without feeling cramped while sitting. It is also powered by a 144-horsepower engine, which is suitable for all segments of society due to its price, and it has other features such as its leather seats according to the Lexus LX model.

Lexus: This car is characterized by elegance, luxury, endurance, and long-distance travel.

Therefore, Qataris prefer to own this type of car.

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