Sur Named the Arab Tourism Capital for 2024

  • Publish date: Friday، 15 December 2023
Sur Named the Arab Tourism Capital for 2024

With its rich maritime history and magnificent landscapes, Sur in Oman was selected as the Arab Tourism Capital for 2024 on Thursday, Dec. 14 during the meeting of the Arab Ministerial Council for Tourism in Doha, Qatar.

How Sur Became the Arab Tourism Capital of 2024?

The Arab Tourism Capital is selected based on several criteria including:

  • The availability of infrastructure and tourism resources
  • Tourism activities
  • Policies for the preservation of the environment
  • The presence of archaeological sites dating back to different historic periods

The selection of Sur as the Arab Tourism Capital of 2024 has come about because of the relentless efforts made by the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism and other relevant parties. 

Background of Sur 

Sur Named the Arab Tourism Capital for 2024

Sur has a long and rich maritime history because of its well-known shipbuilding industry in the 16th century. 

The city's ideal location made it a trade center for other civilizations like Mesopotamia in ancient times.

The nearby ancient city of Sumhuram is considered an important frankincense trading center during the third century BC. 

The city also played a significant part in Oman's naval expansion.

In the present day, Sur remains an important boat-building center in the Sultanate. 

Iconic Landmarks in Sur

Sur Named the Arab Tourism Capital for 2024

Here are the must-visit locations in the beautiful city by the sea:

  • The Old Souk
  • Al Ayjah Lighthouse
  • Al Ayjah Watchtower 
  • Sur Heritage Village
  • Bilad Sur Castle
  • Sunaysilah Castle
  • Fatah Al Khair
  • Maritime Museum

Sur is the perfect getaway by the sea for tourists visiting Oman!

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