Macklemore Sings 'Hind's Hall' for the 1st Time at a Concert

The rapper sang the song at a concert in New Zealand.

  • Publish date: Thursday، 09 May 2024
Macklemore Sings 'Hind's Hall' for the 1st Time at a Concert

American rapper Macklemore sang his pro-Palestinian song 'Hind's Hall' for the first time at a concert in Wellington, New Zealand. 

The rapper gave a speech at the concert, saying "I stand here today and every day forward for the rest of my life in solidarity with the people of Palestine."

"Yesterday [Tuesday], I put out a song called Hind’s Hall – can I play it for you guys?" the rapper asked. 

When he was singing 'Hind's Hall', the Palestinian flag flashed across the stadium and behind the singer, a video showed student protestors across US universities. 

Various fans waved the keffiyeh during the performance and Macklemore event led a chant at the end of the song 'Free Palestine!', which was repeated by the crowd. 

Macklemore's 'Hind's Hall' was recently released on Instagram and YouTube and is expected to be released on streaming platforms soon!


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