OCEC to Host Various Fun Activities on Omani Women's Day

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 11 October 2023 Last update: Thursday، 12 October 2023
OCEC to Host Various Fun Activities on Omani Women's Day

The Ministry of Social Development has organized various fun and interesting activities on Oct. 15 for Omani Women's Day.

The Oman Convention and Exhibition Center (OCEC) will host these events from Oct. 15 to Oct. 17.

The 2023 Omani Women's Day aims to celebrate Omani women's achievements in cultural and literary fields. 

On Oct. 15, a poetic session titled 'A Woman from the Nation's Rib' will take place in the morning.

Another event titled 'Appreciation for Omani Women' will take place and highlight the diverse artistic achievements and projects specific to the North Al Sharqiyah Government.

Calligraphy lovers will be happy to know that the three-day event will also feature an exhibition on 'Manuscripts and National Documents'.

On Oct. 16, some critical dialogue sessions will take place, which will revolve around novels and the segment will be titled 'Stars in the Sky of Omani Literature'.

On the same day, a theatrical performance by the Rustaq Theatre Group titled 'Nominate Me' will inspire audiences. 

During the event, the Ministry of Social Development will also honor 30 exemplary female figures who have made various contributions to culture and literature. 

The event will also include an operetta and various initiatives will be launched to empower Omani women. 

To celebrate Omani Women's Day, head to the OCEC for these fun events!

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