Tahayem Winter Season Draws 300,000 Attendees to Spectacular Events

  • Publish date: Saturday، 03 February 2024
Tahayem Winter Season Draws 300,000 Attendees to Spectacular Events

The Tahayem Winter Season, organized by Ash Sharqiyah South Governorate in collaboration with various government and private entities, concluded on February 3rd, leaving an indelible mark on the memories of nearly 300,000 attendees.

Kicking off its vibrant festivities on January 25th in the picturesque Wilayat of Jaalan Bani Bu Hassan in Ash Sharqiyah South Governorate, the Tahayem Winter Season unfolded across 18 recreational sites, offering a diverse array of activities and events.

The season's grand spectacle encompassed 41 meticulously curated events spanning heritage, entertainment, tourism, culture, and sports. Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in performances, competitions, poetry recitals, and musical evenings, creating an inclusive and celebratory atmosphere.

For the younger audience, the season dedicated special events for children, featuring interactive artistic shows, competitions, juggling performances, and talent discovery contests. A designated day was also set aside for women, allowing them to enjoy the season's offerings in a more private setting.

Poetry enthusiasts were treated to evenings filled with lyrical verses and folk songs, featuring the participation of Omani and Gulf poets. The event showcased a range of performances, including folklore groups, traditional folk arts, skill displays, theatre productions, and interactive engagements with the public.

Numerous exhibitions and corners added an enriching dimension to the Tahayem Winter Season, with over 18 groups participating. Notable highlights included the International Dates and Honey Exhibition, the interactive corner by the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, the heritage village hosting the Artisans Corner and Bedouin Environment Tent, the Omani Culinary Arts Corner, the Folklore Arts Square, and the Popular Games Arena.

Children reveled in dedicated spaces like the smart corner, face painting area, sand play area, little explorer and children’s stories zone, camel and horse riding arena, sand bike circuit, children’s electronic games area, electronic games, virtual reality "VR" technology corner, creativity and innovation corner, and the association’s astronomy camp.

Weekend activities featured a diverse range of recreational, heritage, cultural, and sporting events, showcasing the organizing committee's commitment to ensuring a varied and engaging experience for all attendees.

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