Oman is Getting a New Market in South Al Batinah

  • Publish date: Monday، 05 June 2023 Last update: Friday، 13 October 2023
Oman is Getting a New Market in South Al Batinah

The wilayat of Wadi Al-Ma'awil is developing a new commercial market in the South Al Batinah Governate, which will boost local economic activity and tourism.

The construction of the commercial attraction has begun and it will include 27 commercial shops, some popular cafes, a mosque, and parking lots. 

The project is supervised by the Office of the Governor of South Al-Batinah and will be a main tourist attraction and a hotspot for locals and residents as well.

The market will focalize on the traditional crafts of the wilayat as Wadi Al-Ma'awil is popular for producing daggers, pottery, silverware, dates, palm leaves, and other cultural crafts. 

The new market is being built on an area of 16,000 m² that is on the main street. The market will benefit small and medium enterprises in the wilayat and boost the economic activity in the South Al Batinah Governate and the surrounding governates. 

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