Omani Develops Social Media Platform Similar to Twitter

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 05 April 2023
Omani Develops Social Media Platform Similar to Twitter

An Omani ICT professional has developed a Twitter-like social media platform under the name of “surfed.com” for the Arab world.

Rashad bin Mahmoud al Raisi, who holds a degree in business administration from the University of Arkansas, USA, has expanded his knowledge in the IT and marketing fields by obtaining diplomas. This was done to gain a better understanding of the ICT sector and develop a new platform.

According to Rashad bin Mahmoud al Raisi, Sufred is a comprehensive platform that allows individuals to express their opinions and beliefs on a wide range of topics, including news, culture, education, and entertainment. The platform was named after a type of wild bird known for its distinctive call and brown feathers.

“Besides making friends and following people of interest,” Raisi said, “the platform can help entrepreneurs promote their products and serve as a useful business platform.”

Rashad bin Mahmoud al Raisi explained that Sufred offers various features, including the ability to engage in written conversations or chats, as well as upload photos and videos.

It is a social networking and news platform where users communicate through short messages called "posts". Sufred distinguishes itself from Twitter by allowing posts of up to 500 characters, as opposed to the 280-character limit on Twitter.

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