8 Top Indoor Activities to Do in Oman

  • Publish date: Thursday، 15 June 2023
8 Top Indoor Activities to Do in Oman

With temperatures reaching the highest levels in Oman, we often face the challenge of keeping our boredom level low. This week, we compiled different ways to make sure you stay entertained and busy. Let’s explore a variety of fun options for indoor activities to do in the Sultanate.

Troom Escape Room

8 Top Indoor Activities to Do in Oman

Are you Sherlock Holmes by nature?

Then, Troom Escape Room will just fulfill that desire of yours.

You can immerse yourself in the exciting puzzles at Troom Escape Room which is known to be the first live escape room in Oman. You will be mind blown by the 60-min puzzles that you got to quickly solve to escape the traps.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

8 Top Indoor Activities to Do in Oman

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, known as having the world’s largest carpet and chandelier. The Grand Mosque, is a renowned mosque that has lots of masterpieces and a prayer hall colored in unique Mosaic patterns. The mosque showcases an extraordinary Islamic architectural feature in every aspect.

It also features a beautiful library, stunning gardens, and marble walkways spread across its extensive 416,000 square meters.

Snow Oman

8 Top Indoor Activities to Do in Oman

Are you a snow-kind-of person?
MENA’s region's largest snow park, Snow Oman, has officially opened in the Mall of Oman. Covering 14,830 square meters, Snow Oman is the only indoor snow destination in the country, featuring attractions like a 430-meter ice rink, penguin colonies, and over 20 family-friendly rides and activities such as Zorb ball, snow bullet, and mountain thriller.

Sultan’s Palace

8 Top Indoor Activities to Do in Oman

The Palace, also known as Al Alam Palace, is located at the far end of a broad palm tree-lined avenue leading to the National Museum. It offers a captivating view when standing on its side. You can also enjoy the shade and observe an occasional group of locals passing by.

Bait-Al-Baranda Museum

8 Top Indoor Activities to Do in Oman

If you are a history geek, then this place is a must-see!

Narrating the history of Muscat from 750 million years ago to today.

Bait-Al-Baranda Museum showcases Muscat's history from ancient times to the present, including the formation of the Omani Mountains. It also features interactive elements and maps, making it engaging for all ages.

Bounce Oman

8 Top Indoor Activities to Do in Oman

If you want to feel some adrenaline rush, then you got to bounce!

World’s leading indoor adventure, Bounce Oman, got everything for adrenaline junkies such as: trampolines, dodgeball courts, slam dunk basketball, X-Park obstacle course, Freerun area, Clip ‘n Climb and other activities for all ages and abilities.

Royal Opera House

8 Top Indoor Activities to Do in Oman

Don’t know where to go?

Grab your partner and enjoy a classic night at the Royal Opera House. The Royal Opera House is located in Shatti Al Qurum not far from the beach. Besides the spectacular music and shows that you can spoil yourself with, you will find that the simple interior contrasting with the exquisite inlaid wood and arabesque designs will just leave you in awe.

Race Coaster

8 Top Indoor Activities to Do in Oman

An adventure like no other! Race Coaster offers a thrilling experience, filled with speed, thrilling drops, twists, and steep inclines. Hop on the roller coaster and feel the rush of air as you zoom along the track, immersing yourself in pure joy and excitement.

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