Make your laundry easy, breezy, and effortlessly smart with LG Vivace!

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 21 June 2023
Make your laundry easy, breezy, and effortlessly smart with LG Vivace!

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is key, especially when it comes to your household chores. Laundry can be a time-consuming task – but what if there was a way to make it easier, faster, and more efficient? Enter the LG Vivace Washer & Dryer, a game-changing appliance that brings the power of AI technology to your laundry room.

Simplify your laundry chores with intuitive AI

The LG Vivace Washer & Dryer uses an AI DD™ Motor, providing intelligent fabric care and 18% more protection. It senses the softness of your fabric and optimizes the washing motions, making your laundry routine smoother and more efficient.

And get your laundry done fast – as fast as 40 minutes

Time is precious, and LG Vivace respects that. With TurboWash™360˚, the LG Vivace ensures your laundry is thoroughly cleaned in just 40 minutes, offering more fabric protection without compromising cleaning quality.

With optimal cleaning and no wastage

The LG Vivace's ezDispense™ feature takes the guesswork out of detergent dosage, automatically releasing the right amount for up to 35 loads and ensuring optimal cleaning without any wastage.

Together with bigger capacity, more laundry – all in the same space

This superhero appliance gives you a bigger drum capacity in the same space, allowing you to do more laundry in less time. Plus, its durable and hygienic stainless-steel lifter ensures your clothes are clean and allergen-free.

Plus, a stylishly space-saving solution for your home

Offering you both, washing and drying capabilities in one appliance, with a washing capacity of 11kg and a drying capacity of 7kg, the LG Vivace gives you more time and room for what truly matters - your family.

Welcome to the future of laundry with LG Vivace Washer & Dryer where life is truly better. Other incredible features include the ThinQTM which unlocks remote management, lesser bills with up to 28% energy efficiency and much more. Upgrade your laundry room experience today and get yours from any of the leading outlets including Sharaf DG, Al Yousuf Electronics, Carrefour,  and others, today!

For more information, device specifications and capabilities, visit LG Electronics.

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